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Students in the fifth grade visited Frost Valley YMCA in Claryville, NY on September 20. The cloudy and drizzly weather did not put a damper on the trip at all!  The students were engaged throughout their stay, and they participated in several activities at the beautiful 5,500-acre location.

One activity, canoeing on beautiful Lake Cole, was a big hit.  Isabella shared, “My favorite activity at Frost Valley was canoeing, because it was my first time doing it.  I enjoyed canoeing with my partners because we worked well together.”

The low ropes course was also a favorite of many.  Conrad reported, “My favorite activity at Frost Valley was the low ropes course, because it was challenging and fun.”  During another activity, teambuilding, a Frost Valley staff member gave the students group challenges.  Students had to collaborate and communicate with each other in order to successfully complete the challenges.

A sense of community was definitely fostered during teambuilding.  Humphrey noted, “My favorite activity was teambuilding, because it was challenging, but, when everybody worked as a team, we were all happy!”   We also went on a hike, crossed cable bridges and made face paint by rubbing rocks together to make “paint.”  Madigan excitedly shared, “Hiking was my favorite activity because I love being outdoors and in nature.  I loved hopping around on the rocks and balancing on tree roots.  The waterfall was awesome!”

During the evening, students saw a presentation by an ornithologist (a bird specialist).  The emphasis of this presentation was to show the students how important these birds are in nature.  Frost Valley will most likely be a highlight of the year for many fifth graders.  According to Brandon, “Frost Valley was a very good experience for the 5th grade, because we were able to spend time with friends.”