Welcome to Our New Lower School Faculty

Christine Hanaway Maloney joins our Specials Team as the Lower School Art and Design Teacher. Her excitement for Art and Design is readily apparent, and she genuinely enjoys shining that creative spotlight on each and every student. Ms. Christine believes that there...

Building Connections and Community

With a recognition of the importance of community, we begin the year with a focus on just that. For it is building connections and forming community that is the groundwork for a successful and happy school year. In third grade, we build community in many different...

AfterCare & Enrichment Available Now!

The fun and the learning doesn’t end with the school day. AfterCare & Enrichment (ACE) is the D-E 360° program provided for students in the Lower School (preschool through grade 5). The program offers  a wide variety of unique, fun, and educational offerings, including our ever-popular daily Homework Help and weekly Study Buddies. Our goal is to provide a safe environment for students to grow and express themselves. At ACE, we believe children should have the opportunity to take part in a program that is dedicated to investing in their growth in a fun and exciting way! To learn more, click below!

School Pass Dismissal Reminders

  1. Please show up as close to your designated dismissal time as possible. Please don’t come early.
  2. Wait until you reach the check-in spot designated by the sign before you check into SchoolPass.
  3. Please select “carline” as the option when you check into SchoolPass. Be sure that both of your students appear when you check in. Make sure it says “Pickup Complete” when you are done.
  4. Please add caregivers to your SchoolPass carpool as alternate drivers by following instructions in this video.
  5. SchoolPass is only used for dismissal. You do not need to check in on the app in the morning.
  6. Please continue to make sure that your name card is visible on your dashboard.