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All first and second grades are finishing the year with great coding and hands-on activities! On campus, first graders just completed an invention based on their response to Rosie Revere, Engineer.  In the last cycle, they created a Scratch Jr. response to the book as well. Remote first graders have also begun to learn how to program Ozobots in with Ozoblockly in addition to building activities. Second graders on campus have also created Scratch Jr. projects based on the book. All second graders have engaged in Hour of Code activities, which has introduced them to block coding using Blockly, and STEM building challenges.

Fourth and fifth graders are on their last cycle. They have used a block-based visual programming interface to build a game, tell a story, or solve a problem. The fourth graders engaged in STEAM building challenges. They have also created a series of presentations in Google Slides, which has had them use their creativity to conduct their research. Fifth graders have worked on a STEM Sustainability project to develop an idea that could benefit Dwight-Englewood School. The students have used their creativity and scientific knowledge to imagine and develop an idea. Using an Engineering Design process, students create and refine prototypes until they reach their final product.