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Since joining The Bede School and then Dwight-Englewood Lower School, Senora Sandra Harrison not only taught countless students to speak and understand Spanish, she was a source of fun, joy and comfort to many. Students will continue to learn Spanish next year, but it is hard to imagine doing this without Senora who takes care of so many.

Senora Harrison makes breakfast, cares for the plants, dances, sings, and celebrates the good times with her students, families and colleagues. And when times are challenging, she offers empathy and support. Senora Harrison is well known and many of us have experienced her as a teacher, counselor, nurse, cook, gardener and, of course, a wonderful friend.  But not everyone knows the more quiet, private acts, such as late at night when the building is almost empty, Sandra provides a warm dinner for the maintenance crew. 

Senora Harrison leaves a lasting mark on the Dwight-Englewood community and her energy and spirit will linger in the hallways and classrooms. The sounds of the beautiful Spanish language, music, laughter, energy, and fun are her legacy.

We have shared many celebrations with Senora Harrison, and we hope the future is filled with many more – as well as close friends, dancing, music, good food, friends and, of course, her own wonderful children.  We thank her for all she has done and wish her a glorious retirement.


To enjoy a “Virtual Scrapbook”  that was presented to Senora Harrison during a Zoom LS Assembly earlier this week, click here or go to: