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As we return to campus after our winter break, it is vital to maintain a healthy and safe school environment. Please continue to do the Ruvna morning health screening each morning before leaving the house. To control infectious diseases on-campus, it is crucial to keep your child(ren) home when they are sick, or someone in the household is not feeling well. This year is not the year for your child to come to school when he or she has any symptoms at all, even as mild as a runny nose. This not only benefits your child but other children and staff in the classroom on campus. Please reference the guidelines emailed to you on 12/7/20 from the D-E Nursing Team should your child become ill.

We would also like to remind you to be sure to have a complete change of clothes in your child’s locker. We cannot share any items this year, so if your child gets wet on the playground, spills lunch, or has a bathroom accident, they will have to be picked up from school if they do not have a change of clothes.

Thank you for your continued support in keeping our community healthy and safe.