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April 8, 2020

Dear Lower School Families,

Welcome “back” again…! This edition of LS Notes provides the same information that was emailed to you earlier this week, about our special next phase in Lower School distance learning — Phase II. In order to best achieve success, I ask that you take some time to read through this information which includes our LS Online: Distance Learning General Guidelines  (click here to view and/or see below).

Through this information we hope you gain a better understanding about various layers of our new programming.  All information is also available on our new Parent Distance Learning Resource Board, which can be viewed once you LogIn to MyD-E. For help with LogIn to MyD-E, Email

We are also excited about maintaining a connection with D-E 360° and ask you to learn more about afternoon offerings for LS students through our new Bulldog Club Digital Hangout link.

A reminder that there will be no distance learning classes on Thursday, April 9 or Friday, April 10, due to the upcoming Passover / Good Friday and Easter weekend. 

Finally, as noted by Dr. DeJarnett, we have chosen Monday, April 27 as our first  “pivot day”– a day “off” from school with no distance learning with no distance learning classes. Any changes we make would begin after that.

Thank you in advance for your partnership with this distance learning plan and for supporting all of us who have thoughtfully planned this phase of the school year.  We walk bravely with you, linking arms with you, as we all take care of our families and the global community. 

Warm regards,