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On Wednesday, January 6th, the Lower School gathered on Zoom for an encore performance by the magician, Gary the Great.  Gary the Great performed over Zoom for the Lower School last spring, and we were so happy to welcome him back. He kicked off the show with music while students danced and waved to one another onscreen.

Based out of New York City, Gary the Great found a way to transfer the magic online. He spotlighted many students and teachers at home, showcasing stuffed animals, backgrounds and pets joining in for the fun.  Some of his illusions were very intriguing! For example, he made a phone disappear inside a balloon and somehow got it back out. He did an amazing card trick with a student at home: each of them had a deck of cards, and when they shuffled the cards and then pulled one out, they had the exact same card! It was fantastic! How did he know? He would not share his secrets.

 Not only is Gary the Great a magician, he is also very funny, so we did not need to hire a comedian for the day! The performance was a great break and a nice change of pace since we have all been working so hard. Thank you Lower School for hosting Gary the Great! It was indeed great!