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If you were at the Lower School on the afternoon of September 20th you would have seen many happy Grade 5 parents/guardians reuniting with happy (and tired!) children. They were freshly back from Frost Valley, a beautiful, 5,000 acre environmental center, and hopefully filled with great memories. The weather could not have been better – sunny and warm – and we were able to take full advantage of the offerings. Canoeing on beautiful Lake Cole was a big hit.

Ella said, “I liked that we were able to have a lot of time on the water so that we could talk and have fun with our friends and enjoy the beautiful scenery.” The evening speaker, affectionately known as “The Birdman,” was another favorite of the students. “The Birdman was amazing because we got to see a lot of birds and how they adapted to the environment,” said James. Students also went on a half-day hike, and Mark said, “Being in nature was really fun.” All in all, the 5th grade students had a great time bonding with their classmates while enjoying nature.