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Welcome back! This week we are in full swing and the students look so happy. I have observed them learning, playing and enjoying themselves – all while wearing their masks and social distancing. Hand washing has been a big part of our day. The one thing I notice is that most children are tolerating wearing their masks very well and have adapted superbly.

Please remember to send in a few masks each day for your child. Masks fit each person differently, and while we have replacements for their soiled/lost mask, they might not fit as well as your child’s favorite.

Another request is that all of the children should have a complete change of clothes in their locker. If there is a spill at lunch, or a wet playground mishap, we do not have extra clothes for your child to change into. Sharing clothes is not an option this year, so it is appreciated if you would send in your child’s change of clothes as soon as possible.

Finally, one last reminder. BEFORE you and your child(ren) leave home on the days they are scheduled to be on-campus at the School, please complete the Daily At-Home Health Certification using the Ruvna Medical Self-check online tool. For details about this please click here or go to

Should you forget, we will take his/her temperature, then call home to ask the questions as our Lower School students are just too young to answer the screening questions.

As usual, please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns that you may have. The Lower School Health Office number is 201 227 3162, and my email is If your child is in grades 4 or 5, please contact April Boghossian.  Her phone number is 201 227 3161.  Her email address is