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The Third Graders have been exploring three-dimensional art in our most recent unit. Together we have discovered ways to sculpt, mold, and design with air dry clay, model magic, papier- mâché and recycled art materials. We have been inspired by artists like Pablo Picasso, Ai Weiwei, Ran Hwang, and Firelei Baez. We have delved into sculpting techniques like slipping, scoring, and blending while skillfully constructing many kinds of shapes. Most recently, we studied the tradition of mask-making in countries like Brazil, Burkina Faso, China, Italy, Japan, Korea, and the Philippines.  Then, we made our own artistic face masks out of paper and papier- mâché. All the while, I have been continuously inspired by the students’ creativity, perseverance, flexibility, and joy of learning and trying new things. I look forward to seeing what they make next and seeing how they shape their incredible ideas into three-dimensional art.