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Submitted by 5th Grade Students

Note: Periodically, students in fifth grade will submit articles chronicling their process in creating their original opera.  We value their voices and experiences.  Stay tuned for more features until the production opens and wraps on April 25th.

The fifth grade’s Generation of Imagination Opera Company has launched and is on its way to creating a spectacular new opera.  All of the groups are working hard on their own jobs. Here is a sneak peek into the progress they have made.

The writers have already finished Act I and II, which is earlier than usual! This year’s opera is inspired by some of the fifth grade’s past and current experiences. “Fifty percent of a writer’s job is working with their teammates,” says Sam, one of the writers.  “Everything that comes out is positive,” adds writer Keiryn.  “I’m excited to write a solo, write Act III and make the opera more realistic,” says Daniel.

Composers have written music for the theme song that the whole company will sing, as well as a duet that happens in Act I. They started by improvising motifs based on the emotions of the opera.  “Everyone plays together in harmony, in their own way,” says Cooper, one of the composers.  

All of the other jobs have, of course, been hard at work as well.  The public relations officers have created a special opera bulletin board, with the jobs represented by interlocking jigsaw puzzle pieces, and are almost finished with the logo.  Electricians have studied electricity and tested the footlights and dimmers.  Costume and makeup designers have made sketches based on the characters from the opera. Historians have been working on interviews and taking photos of the opera company members in action.

Stay tuned for more opera updates, where we will interview carpenters, electricians, set and costume designers, performers, and managers!  

Written by:  Hudson, Conrad, Hayley, Adina, and Sianne

Public Relations Officers of Generation of Imagination Opera Company.

Photo credit:  Lily, Cole, and Aarav

Historians of Generation of Imagination Opera Company