19 Dec

Second Grade Explores Englewood

Submitted by Mrs. Byrne, Mrs. Geller and Ms. Gomez

On Wednesday, December 14th, the second-grade classes embarked upon a “Tour of Englewood”.  After learning about the three types of communities, urban, suburban and rural, the students enjoyed touring our local suburban community.  Their tour included:  a drive down Palisades Avenue to observe and learn about commercial space; a visit to Englewood Florist to learn about a local small business; a stop at Englewood Police Station for a tour; a close look at City Hall; a drive by Mackay Park to see community recreation space; a stop at Englewood Hospital and Medical Center to tour and learn about our community healthcare; and a drive amongst local streets to observe and learn about residential space.  The tour was complete when we drove by our own Head-of-School’s residence!

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Mrs. Byrne, Mrs. Geller and Miss Gomez were our tour guides for this trip, and they highlighted the physical characteristics such as landforms, buildings, roadways, and the transportation system.  They pointed out the human characteristics such as workers, residents, volunteers, and people working in government agencies.  Finally, they highlighted the cultural characteristics such as historical markers, food, languages, and recreational facilities in the city of Englewood.

The students absolutely loved this trip, and it was a great way for them to see a suburban community in action!