02 Mar

Science Spotlight: Grade 1 – 4

Submitted by Beth Lemire

The science room continues to be a very busy place. While first graders have been studying animal homes to coincide with their study of human Houses and Homes in the classroom, second graders have been learning about the states of matter and molecules.  Third graders deepen their study of states of matter at this time of year.  Each grade learns songs appropriate for their studies and while learning about polymers they make “gak”, and non-newtonian fluids they experiment with “oobleck” (cornstarch and water). Finally, fun dry ice demonstrations abound in order to facilitate learning about sublimation!

Fourth grade combines the Hudson River study with simple machines, electricity and even a little technology to create some very interesting board games! This has been an on-going endeavor that involves a lot of creative thinking, planning and small group work. While utilizing facts about the Hudson River children have used woodworking, Paper Mache and their newly honed electrical skills to create fun and informative games to play and share. In the Spring, they will re-open their Hudson River models in the outdoor garden beds that they began in the fall. Liners will be measured and secured and they will install a pump so that that it becomes a working model. Bridges and points of interest along the way will finish the project. In May, the study will culminate with a sailing trip on the Clearwater Sloop, a replica of a 19th century sloop that sailed the Hudson. You can take a look at the sloop at http://www.clearwater.org/about/the-clearwater-story/. Of course they will be planning the garden as well so it will be a busy time indeed!