07 Oct

October is Fire Prevention Month

On the first day of October 2014, our students participated in an assembly led by an Englewood, New Jersey fire official.

Several safety tips were shared such as how to properly check or “sweep” one’s bedroom door to see if it is hot; how to ‘Stay Low and Go!’ – a technique for staying below the smoke when exiting a building; and reminders on why and how to call 911 in the event of an emergency.

Charlie ’22 and Chloe ’24 help to demonstrate proper technique for “Stop! Drop! and Roll!”  

In the same way that fire drills are held periodically at school, families are encouraged to practice fire drills at home.  Planning the escape route and deciding on a meeting place such as a mailbox at the end of a driveway, a tree by a neighbor’s home or any other place that is away from the house or apartment, are important measures for families to discuss prior to an unforeseen fire emergency.
Music teacher, Mary Heveran, who is also our assembly coordinator, shared the following:

Mary prepares to model the extensive protective gear worn by firefighters.

“This assembly is presented each year to students in grades preschool 3 through grade 5, by a fire official from the Englewood Fire Department.  It is so reassuring to see how much children remember from year to year about things like how to plan your escape, ‘Stay Low and Go!’ and ‘Stop! Drop! and Roll’.”

An explanation of fire department protective clothing was given

Parents and caregivers are encouraged to engage children in a dialogue about some of the safety tips reviewed at the assembly.  Please remember to check home smoke alarms and to devise a plan for the family to get out of the home as quickly and safely as possible in the event of a fire emergency.

Mary in full gear!

Did You Know? – Fast Facts about Mary Heveran

In addition to teaching music at Dwight-Englewood School and coordinating assemblies this school year, Mary has had several special positions related to this important assembly topic.  Mary served as Fire Commissioner for the Borough of Leonia, New Jersey for 9 years before becoming Mayor of Leonia in 2007. In 2008, she was named Honorary Chief for the Leonia Fire Department, an honor for which she is very proud!  We are proud of her as well!

Hudson River-Clearwater Sloop Trip – 
October 6, 2014

The photo at the top shows the students hoisting the sail on the Clearwater Sloop.

Reflections by Lower School Science Teacher Beth Lemire

Sam ’22, Ben ’23 and Ben ’22

This year, the fourth-grade students and the Planeteers, an after-school science enrichment program, are teaming up for a study of the Hudson River.

This study was developed as the result of a conversation in science class about the river.  Although the children were aware that the river is polluted, they did not know much else about this important waterway. I truly feel that to create effective stewards of the planet, children must have a deep connection with the earth.

The Hudson River has such a rich heritage. The contributions and impact that it has on people living in this area are immense.  I thought it very important to have our students delve deeper into the history of the river and to introduce them to the gifts of this important natural resource.

Ben ’22 and Jonathan ’22 give a ‘thumbs up’ of  approval!

After conducting some research and reading about the Hudson River in class, the students went aboard the Clearwater Sloop for a hands-on experience.  The vessel is a replica of the sloops that sailed in the 18th and 19th centuries on the Hudson.

Through many well-organized learning stations aboard the sloop, the students examined a live eel from the river, heard a brief history of the Hudson River, studied the water quality, learned about the Hudson River School artists, and helped raise the sails – complete with sea shanties!

Having the opportunity to be totally immersed this way was a memorable experience.  The weather cooperated nicely and provided us with a smooth ride.

Sunaya ’22 helping to hoist the sails!

“I really enjoyed spending the day on the water learning so much about the Hudson River and all of its treasures!”  George ‘ 22

“My favorite part of the trip was learning about the eel!” Kelly ’23

“Being on the Clearwater Sloop was really fun, but the best part was when I got to see an eel and then touch it…not an electric eel, of course!” Sam ’22