01 Jun

Ms. Kanter

Ms. Kanter has taught third grade at the Lower School for seven years and has become known for her tireless work ethic and commitment to her students. She is often the first to arrive in the morning and can be found preparing lessons and activities that keep her students focused, engaged, motivated and always learning. She expects a lot from students, but she helps them get there, and she celebrates each and every one of them along the way. Along with her partner, she has helped make third grade a year that students look forward to with excitement and look back upon with happiness. She helped create the signature third-grade program “Third Graders Making A Difference” which has become an important way in which the Lower School contributes to the local and global community.

Ms. Kanter started her professional career as a lawyer but found her calling as a third-grade teacher. We are lucky she honed her craft here at the Lower School. Those who have observed her impressive energy may be surprised to learn she commutes from Westchester each morning and has decided to take a position closer to home to minimize her commuting time – and most importantly use that extra time to spend with her three growing children.