29 Sep

Message From the Principal

Welcome to LS Notes, the e-newsletter for D-E Lower School! Here you will find messages from me about the Lower School (LS), including the latest in LS news, photos of LS events, links to events information and more.

Reports are that last night’s Fall Reception in the Hajjar STEM Center was a great success, highlighted by participation from Upper School student guides (who were eager to show off this beautiful new facility) and Head of School Dr. De Jarnett, who always has insightful, inspiring remarks to share.  Our community is strengthened by the camaraderie and kindness extended in events such as these.  I would like to thank the Parents Association (PA) for promoting and supporting this event.  For families that were not able to attend last night, please know that you were missed.  We look forward to seeing you at other events throughout the school year.

Looking forward, we will be able to gather again during the October Parent Forums. The PA  and the Lower School Faculty present these October forums which provide an opportunity for families to learn a bit more from the faculty about an academic approach or content topic that will be covered during the first semester.  Please refer to the dates listed in the weekly backpack handout “Just the Facts” for each grade-level forum. You can also always find “Just the Facts” online here in LS Notes – click here.