19 Feb

They Put A Little Love in Our Hearts!!

Lower School Students Sing Songs of Love

Contributed by Mary Heveran, Lower School Music Teacher

Music education in the Lower School at Dwight Englewood includes singing, movement, music appreciation and music history, as well as the skills of listening, reading, playing and writing music.

Another important aspect of our music program is giving children opportunities to perform.  In our younger grades, the opportunities include singing alone or playing an instrument for the class. As children grow and develop, so do the experiences for performance.  Children in grades 2, 3, and 4 perform a concert on the main stage in the auditorium in March. Children in grade 5 present their original opera in late April or early May.

It is my belief that although performance is an integral part of music education, children of a certain age should not feel overwhelmed or intimidated by the idea of performing on a stage with bright lights and hundreds of people watching.

It is because of this that we provide an opportunity for children in kindergarten and first grade to perform a concert that is held in the music room and showcases some of the skills and repertoire the students have been working on throughout the year.

I chose Valentine’s Day to conduct this first performance experience for two reasons.  It is at that time of year when children have been taught the necessary skills in music and have had opportunities in their music classroom to perform for each other.  The other reason that this is the most ripe time of year for this first performance is simply because it is a wonderful way for us to show the love and friendship that we feel for our family and friends. This year’s Valentine’s Day concert marks the 36th first-grade Valentine’s Day concert in the Lower School.

Beautiful Kindergarten Voices!

Submitted by Susan Abramson, Lower School Assistant Principal

The kindergartners performed for the first time in the Lower School music room, and their voices, songs and gestures were the most beautiful Valentines gift any of us could ask for!

Led by the kind and gentle hands and voice of Lower School music teacher, Lisa Dove, the children “sang with their hearts” for their teachers and families. As children sang, kindergarten student, Julia, took charge of the felt board to help classmates remember the tricky lyrics.

The kindergartners were especially keen on “Our House” by Crosby, Stills and Nash, and although it was a sophisticated song, they really made it into their own valentine gift to their families.

We are so lucky to have this event captured in video and hope you will enjoy watching with your children and sharing with loved ones both far and near.