13 Oct

Introducing the Planeeters!

The Planeteers is a Lower School environmental group for fourth and fifth grade students.  This group learns more about environmental issues, how to make positive change and how to teach others about issues of our food, our health and our world.  It is a strong social group where children are engaged in projects on campus. Children create artwork, teach younger children about healthy choices and speak about issues of the environment to other classes; sometimes in Middle or Upper School!

Over the years, students who have participated in Planeteers have been instrumental in the composting and garden programs at the Lower School.  As they have moved on to the other divisions at D-E, their ideas and energy helped to begin the garden in the Middle and Upper School.

This year the Planeteers are already talking about projects they would like to pursue such as using non-toxic disinfectants in the lunchroom and reinstating the composting program.  They have watched short videos of other children who have spoken at the United Nations about the environment and who have given TedTalks for inspiration.  Some of our new Planeteers are thinking of ways they could give a talk to other classes on aspects of the environment.

From one year to the next each Planeteer group is different.  This creates new and interesting opportunities for the group to pursue.  We look forward to seeing where this young group of young people decide to put their energy!