11 Dec

“Industry” in Kindergarten

Contributed by Lorraine Yamin, Kindergarten Teacher

When five year olds cross the thresholds of their kindergarten classrooms, they bring with them all that they learned during the preschool years. They socialize, communicate, and manage climbers and gym classes with fewer collisions. They also dramatize roles as complex as a baby-Ninja-princess.

The renowned psychologist Erik Erikson identified five and six year olds by their sense of industry and their drive to feel competent.  While one can see industriousness and competency in younger children, Erikson states that kindergarteners are developmentally more eager to try out the conventional mechanics of reading, writing and mathematical thinking.  Additionally, they love constructing creative works the world will admire.

Teachers at D-E wholeheartedly agree with Erikson!  We believe that five year olds are ready to take on more independence and are increasingly invested in the world of school.  They eagerly discuss ideas, learn to listen to each other and answer questions relating to a specific topic. They want to emotionally connect to their teachers and peers and often show pride in their work.

Please enjoy these photos of our industrious, creative, and competent kindergarten children!