06 Apr

Dr. “G” visits the Lower School

Submitted by Jessica Pomeroy and Michael Rodenbush

On Thursday, April 5th, fourth and fifth grade students had the opportunity to attend a presentation with Dr. Deborah Gilboa.  Dr. “G.” is a well-known parenting and youth development expert, family physician, media personality, author, speaker and social influencer.  Her primary focus is character development in children ages 2-22 and helping children develop crucial life skills. Her work with 4th and 5th graders emphasized responsibility, respect and resilience.  Dr. G was received extremely well by our fourth and fifth grade students. Noelle said, “I like how she was funny, but she was also very informative at the same time.  She helped keep us engaged.” Jake, another fifth-grade student, shared that he learned skills to interact with parents and earn privileges by being responsible. Fourth grade Adina’s take away applies not only to parents but anyone you are trying to negotiate with: “When you get in an argument, make eye contact, use a quiet voice and don’t tell someone to calm down. Don’t tell them how to feel.”

Communicating styles with peers and with adults have similarities but also differences, and Dr. G helped students see the differences so they understand some of the skills involved in communicating needs and wants.  A fun, informative and very relevant presentation for our students, we are most grateful the Parents Association for sponsoring this event.