19 May

A Day with Don Quixote

On Thursday, May 11, 2017, the hidalgo Don Quixote de la Mancha traveled across fictional time and space to visit our fifth-grade students. Rumor has it that he was fighting giants with strange arms somewhere in Spain. He was immersed in the reading of his book of chivalries, when he walked into Mr. Swanson’s classroom. He was astonished to arrive at the village of young people who learn Spanish. The Don answered questions in Spanish from the students about himself, Sancho Panza and his battles. We learned that he is over 400 years old, and he is not crazy as most people believe. The conversation was lively with much laughter, energetic long handshakes, and a few attacks by immoral monsters (aka the projector and the whiteboards.) The Don also conducted the dubbing of Sir Elliot and Lady Sierra who are now honorary knights. He left promptly at fourteen hundred hours because his niece and housekeeper were preparing lentejas (lentil soup) back home, one of his favorite meals. However, Don Quixote promised to return next year to the village of the young people who learn, laugh, sing and speak Spanish, where he spent such a lovely afternoon.