22 Jan

Digging and Hovering

In the late fall, the third-grade students studied archaeology in conjunction with their study of the Lenape.  As a way of having students experience the work of an archaeologist, they conducted a “dig” on our Lower School grounds.

The children were assigned a spot on a gridded area to begin their dig.  Before long they were weighing and measuring artifacts, writing detailed log entries, and putting together a hypothesis about what existed here many years ago.

Although they didn’t think they would find much they discovered coins, a wooden comb, bones, pottery shards, and even an arrowhead!

Currently, third-grade students are building their own hover craft.  They were motivated by the recent “hover board” craze and decided to build one after completing some research.

Watch our homemade hover craft in action

They decided to build a hoover craft that would actually “hover” without wheels.  So far they’ve been successful and each student has had a ride down the hall on the hover craft powered by an electric leaf blower.  As an extra engineering challenge, the children have decided to alter the hover craft so that it would take adults for a ride also!  By changing one variable at a time, the children will discover how to enhance their hover craft and possibly let adults have some fun, too!

Ben explains how the hover craft was made.