27 May


“Once upon a time there were 3 little monkeys in the jungle named Jolly, Molly and Holly.  They were going to try a brand new lunch.  First they tried a drink of river water.  They did not like that.  Next they tried some pebbles.  They definitely did not like them.  Then they thought of an idea!”

In order to find out how the story ends, you must read the rest of first grader Hannah’s story in the inaugural Lower School literary magazine known affectionately as “DEscribe”!

Mrs. Sienicki, Lower School librarian, is the creator and editor of “DEscribe”, a wonderful collection of student writing. Over the course of the school year, all of the Lower School children from grades preschool 3 through grade 5 were encouraged to submit a written piece of work that they would like to share with the full D-E community. The submissions range from drawings to poetry to historical fiction and are quite riveting!

Mrs. Sienicki had this to share about this year long writing adventure:

“Writing is a window into the mind and heart, giving breath to ideas and wishes.  Writing is empowering.  Just listen to and read what are children are saying.  This spring, “DEscribe” has become a reality!  I am so proud of the children that had the courage to share some of their most favored writing pieces.   I hope that all those who read the magazine will have opened a window and enjoyed a breath of fresh air.”

Each Lower School student will receive a copy of “DEscribe” during the coming week.  Be on the lookout for it in your child’s backpack!

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