17 Nov

D-E’s Got Talent! Lower School Talent Show

Each year Lower School parents have hosted an annual Lower School Talent Show, “D-E’s Got Talent!” Emceed by Lower School teacher Jennifer Koteles and her able assistants Lily and CJ Trentacosta, this event welcomes more than 25 children of all ages and many talents to the stage where they have the opportunity to perform for their families and friends.

On this beautiful evening, the children’s talent, emotion and passion are showcased in one special place.  From those who have just started taking piano lesson and are performing for the very first time to those who have been honing a craft for years, we celebrate them all.  This year the talent show will be a place for traditional Indian dances, classical piano compositions, dance routines and a carefully rehearsed monologue.

A special note of thanks is extended to parents Seth Unger and Fernanda Pimenta, for the hours of hard work that goes into putting this event together, and an enthusiastic “Break a Leg” to all the performers we look forward to seeing Friday night!