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We are all back on campus!  Hooray!  Children, parents, and teachers are buzzing with excitement as students reenter their classrooms, some after a prolonged period of time.  Smiles can be detected beneath masks as children engage with teachers and classmates.  The energy is palpable!

As we return to in person learning, children may also be experiencing some fatigue along with that excitement.  For some, it’s been months since they’ve had to read for this long, write for this long, pay attention for this long, or even sit upright for this long.  While we hope that the muscle memory of “doing school” will be just like riding a bike, with our childrens’ strength and stamina for learning to bounce right back, it may in fact take some practice and concerted effort to exercise those muscles.  Be patient and take on a growth mindset as your child takes their initial strides this school year.  Encourage, foster, and celebrate that growth, at whatever pace it occurs.