20 Oct

Third Graders Need Everyone’s Help to Make a Difference

The article below is written by Anya ’24 and Jaime ’24.  They wrote this article as an appeal to the Dwight-Englewood community for support of a long-term project that was launched in third grade last week.  The third graders will be working on this particular project until April 30, 2015 and will provide periodic updates on their progress.  Thank you in advance for your support of this effort.

Last week we watched a music video called ‘What About Now’ by the band Daughtry.  It’s about how we need to help the poor now – not in a few months or even next year.

In the video, we saw how many poor people are living all over the world.  Some of the places have a lot of garbage, some of them looked dangerous, and if these people are sick, they don’t have much medicine.  Many of these people look like they had been thrown away.  Watching the video made us feel sad, but now we feel excited because we are going to help people.

From now until April 30, 2015 we are asking the Lower School to help us collect ‘Box Tops for Education’ from many cereal boxes and other boxes and packages you can find at home or in the store. For every box top we collect, we will raise 10 cents.  We are collecting them outside of the third-grade classrooms in bins. We will keep track of how much money we are raising by counting the number of box tops by 10s.

We have decided to collect the box tops and donate them to the St. Joseph’s Indian School in South Dakota because we already have everything we need. The St. Joseph’s School helps poor children and families.  The students who attend St. Joseph’s School live at the school.  The school gives them everything they need like food, clothing, school supplies and medicine.  Their families can’t give them the things they need for school because they can’t afford the supplies.  St. Joseph’s School is helping to try to get the children in that school all the way through elementary and high school so they can go to a good college.

We are trying to help all of the students at the St. Joseph’s Indian School get clothing, bedding, equipment and supplies, and help them to stay healthy, and get more exercise. We would also like to help make more room at the school for more children to attend. Our goal is to help the school so that they can keep helping children for many more years.We chose to help this group of people at the St. Joseph’s School because we are learning about Native American people. We are learning about the Lenape people.  The Lenape were a Native American tribe that lived in New Jersey a long time ago.  The children of the St. Joseph’s School are from the Lakota (Sioux) tribe.  We will learn more about the Lakota tribe as well. Thank you for your help!  

About our top banner photo:  Ms. Roni Blaustein, third-grade teacher, together with Miss Michelle Sussmann, are guiding their students in this year’s “Make a Difference” program.  Keep reading Lower School Notes and our weekly “Just the Facts” for more information about this year-long initiative!

Hispanic Heritage Assembly: 
Dwight-Englewood School Honors and Celebrates Diversity
The Lower School proudly celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month in an assembly last week.  Students in grades 2 through 5 presented what they have learned thus far in their Spanish classes about the history, language, music and culture associated with Hispanic Heritage.

“We celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month to recognize the heritage and accomplishments of Hispanic people.  With a significant population of Hispanic students and families on our campus, Dwight-Englewood is proud to embrace and celebrate this observance.  It is important to have this assembly to support the identity of our Hispanic children, and to enrich the lives of those who are not Hispanic.” – Mr. Clinton Carbon, Director, D-E Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA) 

Mr. Carbon was instrumental in coordinating this assembly. Students from Señora Harrison’s second-grade class were asked to present as well as students from Missi Collado’s third- and fourth- grade classes.

Mr. Carbon introduced students to the music of the Spanish Harlem Orchestra by playing a song called “Perla Morena” as students processed into the assembly. 

He also asked Upper School student, Wendy Grullon ’15, to read a story to the Lower School students. Wendy is the president of Dwight-Englewood School’s INSPIRE Club (Introducing New Solutions to Promote Integrity and Respect Everywhere).  Wendy read a book called ‘Harvesting Hope – the Story of Cesar Chavez’.

“My students work very hard at learning a foreign language, and this was a great venue to showcase the unit we were working on. My second graders were very honored that they were chosen to present the greetings and welcome to everyone.  The assembly has helped to peak their interest and my own.  Our next step will be to research exactly how many countries speak Spanish and to study the flags of those countries.  I am looking forward to making this assembly a tradition in the Lower School!” – Señora Harrison, LS Spanish teacher

Fourth Grade Artwork:  
For Your Viewing Pleasure