01 Mar

4th Grade U.N. Trip

Submitted by Ms. Sowa and Mr. Rodenbush

As a follow up to our completion of the World Peace Game, the entire 4th grade recently visited the United Nations. During the World Peace Game process, the children had the opportunity to collaborate and negotiate on behalf of their country or institution in pursuit not only of self-interest, but also for the greater good of the international community.  During the trip to the United Nations, the children had a chance to see how those negotiations are done in real life.

During our tour of the United Nations, arranged by a parent of one of our 4th grade students, we were able to see the spaces where the General Assembly and Security Council meet.  We were also able to view various gifts to the U.N. from member countries and to see and read the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. After seeing the General Assembly Hall, one student remarked, “You get to see how calm the meetings are and how the delegates react to the problems.”

We learned about the beginnings of the United Nations following World War II, and how it’s membership has grown to just over 190 member countries. One fourth grade student commented that, “The U.N. showed us that it doesn’t matter how large or small your country is or how much money you have, because everyone has a voice at the U.N.”